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The Torn Veil: Prelude to The Cracked Altar (Ebook)

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A Mysterious Correspondent.

A Battle-weary Nation.

A Covenant Sworn on the Altar of Hell.

Aside from a few memories of her mother, the convent is all Kerstin’s ever known. But when she receives an invitation to work for the Duke of Klomm, she finally gets the chance to experience life outside the abbey.

Only, the opportunity isn’t what she thinks.

Offered up as bait in a dangerous undercover investigation, Kerstin must walk a harrowing razor’s edge. And with the Church watching her every move, one misstep could land her back in the convent—or worse, at the stake. Not to mention, the duke will most likely throw her off a bridge the second she outwears her usefulness. And that’s if the most nefarious wizard in the land doesn’t blast her into another dimension first.

There’s nowhere to turn. There's no one to trust. And with the investigation taking a darker turn, Kerstin finds herself questioning whose side she’s really on.

The question is, can she claim power for herself ... or will some washerwoman find her floating facedown in the canal?

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