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A Scoundrel's Courage: The High Fire Saga Episode III (Ebook)

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In an Age of Treachery ...

When Berserkers Extort the Kings of Scandinavia ...

A New Terror Carves her Name in the North ...

Prince Sigurd of Xanten is one man I wish I never met. He's slaughtered my crew and made me his slave. But when he says he's turning me over to King Gizur, I wish I'd chosen to die on the beach with the others.

At least then my death would have been quick. Because when Gizur finds out about my father, quick is the last thing it will be.

Fortunately, Sigurd is on truly perilous a mission and he needs Gizur to help him. 

The problem is any idiot can see Gizur doesn't have the nerve. 

Few men would.

Especially when the runes are cast and the quest is doomed.

I, however, am desperate enough that I'd do anything do anything to win my freedom back.

Even if it means facing a terrifying monster.

A monster worshipped as a god.

A god named Fafnir.

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