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The Broken Chain (Ebook)

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A Queen in Peril.

An Alliance Divided.
A Conjuring of an Ancient Evil.

Shown for the villain that he is, the Grand Mage is on the run—and he’s kidnapped the crown heir. The realm is in turmoil. The critical hour is at hand. But at a time when unity is paramount, no one can be trusted—King Vashean least of all.

Kerstin’s schemes have not played out in her favour. With her impending execution, it seems she’s burned one bridge too many. Pity though, she was mankind’s only hope ...

Hinkle would love nothing more than to see Kerstin get what she deserves—especially with the way she’s been looking at Sir Gilkrist. But for once her aunt might actually be right; Count Olgris has escaped—and he holds the final piece to his master’s sinister design.

The question is, will anybody listen? Because the world is about to plunge into the most terrifying darkness its ever known.

And no one who can do anything about it is moving in the right direction …

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Customer Reviews


1 year ago

a great entry in the Cracked Altar series

this was a great entry in the Cracked Altar series, it had what I was looking for from the other books. The characters were what I expected and I enjoyed how good it was. Timothy J. R. Rains has a great writing style and I enjoy the use of Medieval elements. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
(Originally posted on Google Play Books)

Christy B.

1 year ago


Lots of action this time around as lots is happening and lots of moving parts. But had to see how it would all end. And it was entertaining and fun to read and see who would make it to the end and how. Lots of trouble and adventure had by all. Who would get the Grand Mage and save the heir was the question. I had to see and how they would the Grand Mage in the end.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
(Originally posted on Kobo)