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Calamity's Heir: The High Fire Saga Episode II (Ebook)

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In an age of violence ...

When berserkers prowl the seas of Scandinavia ...

A new terror cleaves a path through the north ...

After escaping my grandfather and a gruesome death-sentence, I need be on the first ship out of Hålogaland. 

If I can find a crew who hasn't heard I've got blood on my hands.

The problem is up here in the Lofoten Isles everyone knows everyone. And I've got a reputation for trouble. The last thing any man wants at sea.

But fear can a powerful motivator. And nothing seems to invoke fear like mentioning my father. My real father.

I get a warning though from a skipper that takes me on. I'm not to mention my father where we're going. 

It'll invoke fear alright. The kind that will get us killed.

The thing is, I've grown proud of who my father was.

I'm becoming more his daughter with every swing of my sword. I'm becoming like him. I can feel it.

A destroyer. A savage.

Like I said, I've got a reputation for trouble.

And lately, everything I touch goes up in smoke.

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