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Born Unto Mayhem: The High Fire Saga Episode I (Ebook)

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In an Age of Fear ...

When Berserkers Haunt the Forests of Scandinavia ...

A New Terror Rises in the North ...

I'm sixteen this year, and my mother says I should marry soon. 


I'd already be married if any cheiftains' sons were man enough to have me.

When I do find a husband though, I'll inherit the village of Borg, which as the Princess of Lofoten is my birthright. 

We'll have several farms and command a fleet of viking ships. I'll give birth to mighty warrior sons or a fierce shieldmaiden like myself. And perhaps one day, if it pleases the gods, I'll take my grandfather's place as the Jarl of Hålogaland.

That's how things might have been - if my entire life hadn't been a lie.

But now the secret's out. Even if I am the last to know.

And the truth has awakened something ... something frightening within me.

I've always had a temper. There's enough young men with missing teeth who can attest to that.

But this? This is different.

This rage. This hunger. This intense thirst for blood.

It's more than I can control.

The worst part? 

It all makes sense when I learn who my father really is.

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